4 - A Paid Political Announcement

Many ask for your vote. One candidate demands it.

Director's Commentary:

  • The idea for this came to me in two words: "Vote Blofeld." I then had to make up my own absurd evil genius moniker. I enjoy how "Professor Fistclaw" combines repitition with ambiguity. Does he have fists made out of claws? Is his fist just one claw? Is it left hand fist, right hand claw? One human hand, one clawed fist? Bionic? Spliced? I leave such questions to the imagination of you, the listener.
  • For Fistclaw's voice, I'm doing a modified Emperor Palpatine, one of my few impressions. I always enjoy using that voice to refer to my son Chris as "my young Jedi friend." Especially since he finds it irritating.