7 -An "Indoor" Kind of Weekend

A fond tribute to the most beautifully dumb movie every made: The Core.

Director's Commentary:

  • True story: I saw The Core in the theater. At the end, our heroes are rescued from the ocean floor off Hawaii by attracting the attention of a pod of Orcas (I am not making this up). At this point I leaned over to my buddy and said "It wouldn't be Orcas--they're cold water." We both though about this for a second, then busted up laughing at the thought that, after all the pseudo-science and absurdist hand-waving of the previous ninety minutes, I was finally roused from my popcorn-infused stupor by a perceived cetacean inconsistency(1).

  • And for the record: The Core used the term "unobtanium" way before Avatar.

(1) As it turns out, Orcas are found around the Hawaiian islands, so who's laughing now, eh?